Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ACTIONS: Help Bonneville Dam Sea Lions and Dam Guardians

Dam Guardian Campaign - Call to Action for the Sea Lions of the Columbia River! Please call M-F between 9-5 PST:

Oregon Governor Kitzhaber 503-378-4582

Washington Governor Inslee #360-902-4111

Tell them that killing sea lions won't save salmon!

Dam Guardians report "Hope", Sea Lion #781 finally gets assessment, but no intervention.

Please help the Dam Guardians by taking the actions listed below.
Thank you!


TELL  Everyone who will listen!

These photos are going to break your heart. Count on it.

Can you imagine what it does to the sweet pea Sea lion who was simply trying to eat his lunch?
How about what it does to our SSCS Dam Guardians,  and Aaron Hall to be our witness to this?

I wish I could be that strong. I am not.

The BEST thing we all can to do is to follow @DamGuardians .
They are right there, no second hand news.

They recommend that we champion a Sea lion.

We need to ramp up the action effort here folks. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Updated Friday April 26~2013

Astoria - No Help for Hope: We would like thank all of the caring people around the world who have been calling various state and federal agencies asking that someone with authority to do so, come and check on Hope. A biologist from Portland State University did come out this afternoon to assess this wounded sea lion, but offered no intervention. Oregon has no facilities to treat an animal such as this. It is our understanding that in the event that Hope dies, a necropsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. That is all the state of Oregon has to offer for Hope at this time. Meanwhile, as the biologist was on-site, the ODFW worker was nearby scaring the other sea lions off of the docks.

Current federal and state laws permit the branding, harassing and lethal removal of sea lions for eating fish, but do not provide care for injured sea lions like Hope. Something is very fishy in Oregon. Please contact Governor Kitzhaber and NOAA. Tell them it is time to move away from bad policies and to give a damn about the sea lions of the Columbia River. 

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber
State Capitol Building
900 Court Street
Salem, OR 97301
phone: (503) 378-4582
fax: (503) 378-6827
twitter: @govkitz

Helen Golde
Acting Director
Office of Protected Resources
NOAA Fisheries
1315 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910
phone: 301-427-8400
fax: 301-713-0376

Below courtesy Fins And Flukes

We need your daily actions to end the cruel and unjust Sea Lion cull at Bonneville Dam. We must apply constant pressure on Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber and Washington Governor Jay Inslee in hopes that they will end the suffering, cruelty and death of the innocent Sea Lions. Please use hashtag #DamTweet on all correspondence and be sure to follow your Dam Guardians on Twitter, SSCS Dam Guardians @DamGuardians. Please feel free to copy and paste tweets to send to them and please Re-Tweet the Dam Gaurdians. Thank you in advance for your much needed help!

Please also fax, email and call the Governors offices. There is no limit on actions that you may take. Please invite your friends and share this event. Together we can end this!


Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber

State Capitol Building
900 Court Street
Salem, OR 97301
phone: (503) 378-4582
fax: (503) 378-6827
twitter: @govkitz

Washington Governor Jay Inslee

Office of the Governor
PO Box 40002
Olympia, WA 98504-0002
phone: (360) 902-4111
fax: 360-753-4110
twitter: @govInslee


Sample email from Danette:
Borrow, steal, edit.
It's a good write!

I'm very concerned about the less than humane way the sealions at Astoria are being treated. Hazing and harassing is one thing, but to shoot at, and then leave to suffer...that's far beyond the call of conservation and safe-guarding of the precious salmon of the Columbia River.
Please take some time to consider the plight of for instance "Hope" a sealion currently suffering from gunshots, bleeding on the shore of the river!
I urge you to help this animal, and to re-consider how you go about saving salmons for the enjoyment of the public. Nature usually very well manages to balance itself, without interference like this. Or is it perhaps another agenda behind this? To extinguish any competition for the precious salmon?..
yeah I know I'm public, but I can't be bothered... help please?
Still, I hereby request that assistance is forwarded to  the fitting instances so this sealion "Hope" and others like him will not need to suffer needlessly like this.
Than you for your time, and with the hope of a swift and positive action to follow.....

Contact form to submit to Governor John Kitzhaber


You may also follow Governor John Kitzhaber on Twitter at @GovKitz
I do. And I talk to him via tweet.
I'm not very polite though, and I don't set a decent precedent for diplomacy. At all.

If you do care to tweet to him, Steve Jack has compiled a list of tweets for #DamTweet storms here:

Rock The #DamTweet  for Sea Lions

Sample Tweets-
SEA LIONS BRANDED WITH HOT IRONS The crime? Eating Fish! Tweet @GovKitz & @JayInslee Tell them to stop it! #DamTweet

STOP #hazing sea lions in #Astoria NOW !!! @GovKitz @govInslee have you no #compassion? #DamTweet

@GovKitz @GovInslee PLEASE SHARE THE RIVER WITH THE SEA LIONS! There are better options than #Killing #DamTweet @DamGuardians #sealions

@GovKitz @jayinslee There's no excuse for animal abuse! Save the #SeaLions at #BonnevilleDam! You can stop this! #DamTweet

@govkitz Branding Sea Lions for doing what they do naturally is a disgusting case of animal cruelty. #DamTweet #YouShouldBeAshamed

DFW employee Matt Tennis … burning the flesh of#sealions #DamTweet

Rock The #DamTweet for Sea Lions! Event to help them on FB! Plz join! …

#Oregon @GovKitz grants clemency to #murderers but not 2 #California sea lions who eat #Salmon #WTH #DamTweet @DamGuardians @SeaShepherd

@DamGuardians @seashepherd branded, bleeding & burnt #California sea lions brought 2 you courtesy of @GovKitz & our #Taxpayer $$$ #DamTweet

Plz support #DamTweet & Sea Shepherd @DamGuardians as they fight to protect Sea Lions being tortured & killed in USA



Plz support #DamTweet & @SeaShepherd @DamGuardians as they fight to protect Sea Lions being tortured & killed in USA !

@govkitz Branding Sea Lions for doing what they do naturally is a disgusting case of animal cruelty. #DamTweet #YouShouldBeAshamed


Sample Letter to fax both Governor John Kitzhaber (Oregon) Fax# 5033786827 and Governor Jay Inslee (Washington) Fax# 3607534110.

I am contacting you to take immediate action to stop the hazing, branding, and death of Sea Lions. I strongly urge you to find alternative and humane solutions to save the endangered salmon and halt the lethal removal of California Sea Lions at the Bonneville Dam. Thank you.

City, State
(Two free faxes per day)

Courtesy Fins and Flukes

Petition to STOP Hazing, Branding and Killing Columbia River Sea Lions

PETITION: U.S. District Judge Boasberg: #Oregon — Stop Killing Sea Lions


This news was from March 5, 2010 so you can see how long this has been going on.