Thursday, February 28, 2013

SeaShepherd and The Institute of Cetacean Research

Hello Cetacean Activist Folks!

This is redundant information for many of you, my apologies.
However, there is a fair amount of news coverage lately concerning these folks:

SSCS ~ Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd Conservation Australia

Captain Paul Watson

The Institute of Cetacean Research  ( ICR )

The ICR conducts the practice of whale slaughter, however it is referred to as Scientific Research. Japan's Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Minister does not deny that the whale meat is consumed, so the ICR could indeed also be referred to as the Japanese Whaling Industry (sort of? maybe?) But the Whaling Industry is Illegal, so the legal pseudonym they prefer to be known by is ICR

How "The Institute of Cetacean Research" views those opposing the Whale slaughters

The United States Courts of the 9th Circuit

The United States Courts of the 9th Circuit Opinion:

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